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Registration for our winter 2024-2025 programs will open in early August

Schedules and pricing will be posted when available


Welcome to the 2022 ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competition Registration Site

September 21 to 24, 2022 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Receive notifications to keep up to date on all of the event information in the Sport Event App Sportity. To see the most up to date schedule and start orders for your events and receive notifications when results are updated, as well as easily link to the livestream. Download and use this App. This will alert when any new information is posted about the ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competition.
Once you have the app set up, use the password: ADUOTT2022


Forms and Policies


Music form is to be downloaded, completed and uploaded at the time of registration or later (must be by September 4th, 2022)

Music Form Ottawa 2022

The Planned Program Content Forms (PPC) will be entered online. This will be done through the same registration process as registering for an event.

  • Once entered, the PPC cannot be changed.
  • The PPC can be completed anytime up to the end of day on August 15, 2022.
  • For events that require a PPC, a button called "FILL OUT PPC" will appear beside the "REGISTER" button for the event. (see event registration area below)
  • For Women and Men Free Skating events, you will have to scroll through the PPC list to find the PPC that corresponds to your registered event. 
  • Please complete the PPC that corresponds to your event!


Policies, presented at the time of registration, that need to be read and accepted.

(1) 22 ISU IAFSC - Declaration for Competitors and Officials

(2) 22 ISU IAFSC - Refund Policy



Call for Volunteers

Volunteer application may be found at:

Good day skaters and skater supporters!  September 19-24th, 2022; Ottawa will welcome adult skaters from across the globe.  These skaters will be taking part in the ISU International Skating Union Ottawa event.  This event will be taking place at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, 1490 Youville Drive, Orléans, Ontario (Ottawa).


We are actively in the process of recruiting volunteers for this event!  We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

-Medals Organizer (In preparation for awards ceremony, receives medals, organizes them as per event in order they will be presented, and that there are correct numbers of said medals; to be presented at each days’ end during awards ceremony).  Need 1 volunteer each evening.

-Tossie Catcher (someone who collects small gifts from the crowd which are intended for respective skaters and delivers them to the skater in the Kiss & Cry).  Will require multiple shifts filled per day, 1-2 volunteers per shift.

-Music Player (responsible for playing each respective skater’s music, as required).  Multiple shifts per day, one music player per shift.

-Announcer (announces respective events, competitors and resulting scores).  Multiple shifts per day, one announcer per shift.  MUST BE BILINGUAL:  English and French please.

-Banquet Volunteers (specific roles and numbers to be further determined in near future).

-Welcoming Ceremony Volunteers (specific roles and numbers to be determined in near future).  Banquet will take place on September 24th after the completion of the competition.

-Catering (For volunteers and Officials).  Will require multiple people per shift, with multiple shifts per day.  Specifics to follow.

-Ice Captains (control athlete access to & from the ice.  Opening rink doors as needed.  Ensures all skaters per flight are accounted for.)  Require 2 per shift with multiple shifts per day.

-Ice Patchers (pre-flood of ice, volunteers in skates-must be competent to skate comfortably on own and bend/kneel to fill holes in ice with snow and pat down; will patch holes in ice.). Require 2-3 patchers per flood, multiple floods/shifts per day.

-Practice Ice Controller (maintaining/assisting order amongst skaters as they wish their program music to be played-during practice ice ONLY.  You will be starting the skater’s music for them, and then switching to the next skater’s music in turn.  Need to ensure that the skater practicing their program to music is wearing an identifiable item:  traditionally a fluorescent vest.  This alerts the rest of the skaters as to whom has the right of way while skating their program.  The skater next in line for music should be signaled and provided with another vest.  Immediately after a skater is done with said vest, it should be returned to the designated area where they received the vest and is therefore available for the next skater in line).  Require 1 volunteer per practice session.  If there are many back-to-back sessions, multiple shifts to be considered.

-Practice Ice Monitor (checking people in per practice ice system, making sure who shows up is supposed to be on said ice).  Require one per time period (even if multiple rinks hosting practice at same time). Rinks are in very close proximity, and this job is mainly required only at the beginning of each session).

-Set up (Physical job**  Setting up the arena and complex to make it competition ready i.e. décor, signage, tables set up, equipment set up etc.).  Many hands make light work; many people required.  Set up will take place September 19th.

-Tear down Physical job**  (Removing all décor, signage, tables, equipment etc.). Many hands make light work; many volunteers required.). Tear down will take place September 24th, immediately following the days medal presentation.

-Registration/Accreditation  (Checking athletes in and giving them their accreditation.  Will be a source of info access point for athletes.)  Multiple persons working at the same time for many shifts; depends on what date and time of day the shift that is signed up for.


**If you wish to fulfill volunteer hours for school/extra-curricular activities with volunteering for this event, please let us know!

**If you have experience with any of the above roles, please let us know!


If you would like to volunteer with this event, please complete a volunteer form online and submit your job preferences and dates and times that you are available to help us with this event!  In the meantime, happy skating!!!!


Volunteer application may be found at:


Local Organizing Committee Chairs,

Jen Powell & Melissa Sargent



Women Free Skating

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Women Artistic Free Skating




Men  Free Skating

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Men Artistic Free Skating





Pair Events

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Ice Dance Events

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Practice Ice






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